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July 2016



2016 saw forty people from technology companies, legal firms, academia, information providers, governmental and research organisations and consultancies all attended the first  CIIPM meeting.





Frugal Innovation; How to do More (and Better) with Less

by  Jaideep Prabhu, Cambridge University, Judge Business School

IP for Technology start ups

by Stuart Raynor, J A Kemp

Patent and market intelligence in the commercialisation window

by Jane List , Extract Information

Patent Box Uncovered

by Rachel Hodge, HMRC, Leicester Incentives and Reliefs Unit.

Establishing Freedom to Operate

by Stuart Newbold,  PSIM

Common misconceptions of interpreting patent data

by Peter Evans, GB IPO

Collaboration  Dos and Don’ts from the perspective of MRC Technology

by Pauline Stasiak,  MRC Technology

IP analytics: Prepare for Collaborative opportunities

by Nigel Swycher, Aistemos


CIIPM Programme 2016.pdf
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Here’s what people said about the event:

“Thanks for the Cambridge Information & Intellectual Property Meeting TM.

Very enjoyable and useful.”
Dan Mace

Archipelago Technology Group.


“I found it really useful and informative and the speaker from the Judge business school was particularly inspiring to see all the innovations that are going on”.
Joeeta Murphy

Strategm IPM.

“I thought that the meeting was excellent in all respects.”
Peter Egerton,  Priory Patent Search Services Ltd.

"Congratulations on organising a successful 1st CIIPM Conference. Lets hope there are more. "

Yvonne Pope, CAS.


'Thank you for arranging a really interesting event with some excellent presentations.'
Tania Zuberi, Cambridge Display Technology Limited

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