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At the 1st Cambridge Information & Intellectual Property Meeting, held at Homerton College, Cambridge in July 2016, feedback received then encouraged us to not only repeat the summer meeting, but also showed strong support for IP and patent information related training events. 

To this effect we are introducing the following half-day training sessions.



Wednesday 14th March 2018


2. IP and Commercialisation

- introduces the business and management processes needed to successfully get your technology to market including partnering, licencing, and IP portfolio management.


4. Freedom to Operate Search & Analysis
- covers different aspects of search and analysis of patent documents needed to prepare for freedom to operate. A practical approach is taken suitable for adaptation for all budgets.

Thursday 18th October 2018


1. Commercial Patent Search & Analysis

- shows how to search and analyse patent data to answer business questions and will look at competitive intelligence, technology and market landscaping.


3. IP Matters
- provides an introduction to the basics of IP and the types of protection available, how to build an IP portfolio, and how to search and retrieve the various forms of published IP.



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