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14th March 2018




Homerton College Conference Centre,






2. IP And Commercialisation


During the morning we will provide you with a basic understanding of how to develop, commercialise and manage IP.   We will review how to go about working with others from the IP perspective, to include, contracts and confidentiality agreements, building an IP strategy, preparing an IP policy, and IP matters relating to employees.  The training will consider IP management, and provide a framework for establishing a robust practice in house.  


4. Freedom to Operate Search & Analysis


Companies, large and small, all need to take care to ensure that, as far as possible, their potential product, or process, will not infringe any existing products or patents.   This training will cover aspects of freedom to operate (FTO).   We will review how to prepare for FTO searching, how to stage FTO according to where you are in the product development process, and what you can do when your budget is limited. How to perform a limited ‘FTO’ on a small budget to minimize risks, and how to perform a full ‘clearance’.  The training will also cover how to analyse the results, and how to report your findings.



Who should attend?    Anyone who wants to learn more about managing innovation practices and the commercialisation of technologies in relation to IP.



Cost: £150 (EarlyBird) - £225 +VAT per half-day

which includes lunch and refreshments.

Discount if both sessions booked.

Go to individual event links above for full ticket options.



Training provided by:    Jane List, Extract Information

Stuart Newbold, PSIM

Gary Townley, UK IPO