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18th October 2018




Homerton College Conference Centre,






1. Commercial Patent Search And Analysis

Patent landscaping for business decision making.


Often called patent landscaping or IP analytics, CIIPM’s Commercial Patent Search & Analysis training will provide an overview of search and analysis techniques for business decision making.  Attendees will gain an understanding of how to construct and perform business focussed patent searches and how to analyse the results for reporting.  We will cover areas such as technology, market landscape and competitor landscaping. Each type of business question will require a particular dataset.  In this course we show how to select sources for the search, how to work within budget and timeframes whilst providing reasonable answers, and how to report on the scope and risks associated with the results, without detracting from the answers generated. 



3. IP Matters

IP Matters provides an introduction for those who would like to understand more about Intellectual Property. During the training we will review the type of protection available such as patents, trademarks, design, copyright, know how and when to keep know how secret. We will also look at how to understand other people’s patents by reviewing patent documents already published, consider how to carry out a basic prior art search, a trademark availability search, and show how to navigate patent office websites to determine legal status of third party IP. Attendees will gain an understanding of how to protect their own innovations, in order to build an IP portfolio.




Who should attend?    Anyone who wants to learn more about managing innovation practices and the commercialisation of technologies in relation to IP.



Cost: £150 (EarlyBird) - £225 +VAT per half-day

which includes lunch and refreshments.

Discount if both sessions booked.

Go to individual event links above for full ticket options.



Training provided by:    Jane List, Extract Information

Stuart Newbold, PSIM

Gary Townley, UK IPO