Extract Information Limited
Extract Information Limited

     Extract Information provides on demand business critical, technical, market and patent analysis.

     We produce bespoke information-based reports for technology assessments, technology opportunities long and short lists, IP assessments, patent landscaping, competitive intelligence, patentability, validity, invalidity, state of the art and prior art.


     Patent and trademark alerts and watches are available.


    At Extract Information patent searching is a speciality.  Patent information expertise informs our approach.

Searching in all technical fields undertaken from biotechnology to medical devices, and electronics to microfluidics, with chemistry and pharmaceuticals in between.


     Patent search services for all stages of commercialisation are available.


PS1 prior art searching - giving you confidence in patentability


PS2 during prosecution - protecting your position in the market place


PS3 commercial searching -expanding your market and building technical excellence through IP assessment and freedom to operate


PS4 large-scale patent analysis – landscaping, state of the art, portfolio analysis



     Extract Information can provide accurate, up to date, and reliably sourced information for your business; on time, on budget, working to your requirements.



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Extract Information Limited