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To promote understanding and knowledge of global patent information and how to search and analyse it wisely.





Everyone can search – can't they?  


If you’re using an internet search engine you’ll almost certainly retrieve some relevant hits.  In patent searching, too whilst almost anyone may be able to find a few relevant documents in a prior art search, when performing professional search to inform business and legal decision making you need to be sure you have the ground covered. Keeping your skills up-to-date in search, and analysis is essential.  

Extract Information delivers training to help you build skills and confidence in understanding IP and patent search and analysis.

Training is available in three modes;


  • Extract Information -  bespoke courses delivered in-house.  

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  • by booking courses organised by third parties.  Extract Information teaches for Management Forum in the UK, GO Opleidingen in The Netherlands, and through  GIIP (Global Institute of Intellectual Property) in India.


  • CIIPM  (Cambridge Information and Intellectual Property Meeting) training events in Cambridge, UK.

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